One Control: Filter Multiple Lookups across tables

Hey all… I’m beating my head against the wall.

I have a document with 2 tables. Call them Customers (i.e. companies) and Contacts. I have a lookup column on the Contacts table that allows me to select from one of the “Companies Name” column in the “Customers” table.

I have created a Page where I want to show only the “Contacts” from “Customer.Company Name”.

I have a Page with a dropdown control called “Customer Master Filter” where I select the “Customer: Company Name” using
list(Customers.[Company Name])

I’m trying to create a filter on the “Contacts” table using an interactive filter with the control “Company Master Filter”. No Luck… All results are filtered out.

I’ve tried the following syntax for a customer filter:
thisRow.[Company Name].matches([Customer Master Filter])
Screenshot 2022-02-28 123921

Same deal… no luck… all results are filtered out.

Any ideas?

Try adding totext() in to the formula. I think it might help

Like this:

{thisRow.Company Name}.totext().Matches({Customer Master Filter})

I might try changing the matches formula to contains and see how that goes!

That 100% did it!.. Thank you! I’ll have to learn about the totext() statement… that one was a new one for me.

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Glad it worked! I think because the {thisRow.Company Name} is returning a row reference (you can see the little ‘row’ symbol in your screenshot, whereas the Filter has a T symbol for ‘text’) and not plain text, the formula was having trouble matching it to the select list control filter.

This works without the ‘totext()’ if the control filter is a textbox, but with the select list the match() formula needed a bit more help to recognize the input as text and not a row reference.

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