Lookup Formula with two values


I am using the lookup formula to look up contact information of a given company, but when I multi-select two companies to look up it doesn’t work. Has anyone found a fix to this?

In the below example, I would want the contacts for ABC and DEF to show up

Hey there! Can you provide any more info such as the actual formulas you used in your columns?

The more info you give the easier it is for the community to help you!

Yes! The formula I am using is: Lookup(Companies,Companies.[Company Name], thisRow.[Column 1])

My goal is to look up both ABC and DEF so that column2 = Joe, Bob, Tony

hi @Hannah_Krumholz ,

what about this one Contacts.Filter(companies.Contains(thisRow.companies))

I am not so into the lookup logic and replaced with a Filter()

Cheers, Christiaan

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Hello @Hannah_Krumholz!
As @Christiaan_Huizer noted, you could change the lookup to a Filter() as it gives you more flexibility.

But you don’t really need a lookup nor a Filter formula in your case, as in the Column 1 you are pulling the Companies rows directly so you can get the Contacts directly from the Company Row as it follows:

[Column 1].Contacts.ListCombine()


Thank you all so much for the help!! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

All of these solutions worked!

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