Lookup to a non-display column


Does anyone know if it’s possible to look up a non-display column? I want to be able to lookup values in two separate columns in a table, but can only currently do a lookup for the display.

Any workarounds?


hi @Hannah_Krumholz , happily it is via chaining.

you take the name of the column that contains the lookup value, you add a dot and you see the options you need.

Cheers, Christiaan

This will make it a formula rather than a select list though right?

For more context, I have a list of accounts and contact details - I need the account to be the display column, but I also want a select list of all contacts that we have.

maybe this post helps:

the moment you share a doc with a concrete example, plenty of people are willing to help you out, cheers,Christiaan

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