Search in multiple columns

Hi there,
I am trying to filter a table based on a search box, but it should find that search term in one of two columns with the following types:

  • Text
  • Lookup

I am able to filter by the text column, but can’t do it for the Lookup column.

Appreciate your help.

hi @Mohamed_Essam welcome to the community.
good to see that you figured it out already for quite a bit!

what if you add ToText() to the lookup column? If the table your working in is not big, this is a good to go solution.

An alternative is that you create a second column in the source table (thus the one the lookup is referring to) and fill this column with the values form the display column just by typing = and then the name of the display column. In your search you reference then this column via chaining.

See below the two options in my example:

in the second screenshot I reference the column value that contains the value of the display column as text.

Hope it helps, Cheers, Christian


thanks @Christiaan_Huizer so much, ToText() worked for me.