Filter a lookup column based on multiple entries in filter column

Hi All,

I am in need of the collective wisdom - I can set a filter on a lookup column that will filter the potential values based on a single entry in another column. E.g. to discriminate between hot and cold beverages. (Filter column beverage type = Hot will only allow drinks with beverage type hot. Hot coffee, and not Ice Coffee. )

Can it be setup where the filter column has multiple entries. E.g. a tag column where I want in the lookup column to show me all articles related to tables and canvas columns, but exclude the ones on buttons.

Like in the example below:

Rambling Pete

Hi @Piet_Strydom
I’m interested in this subject so I humbly had a look.

I copied your doc and took this example, adding on purpose dummy tags

I tried in a new table to get all event with tag Table but not AddRow()

And the proposal is well 02 and 04


In this case, I assume we can find a given tag only once in your table, the find function should check all the tags as multiple entries
And I dont see why I couldnt make any “AND” condition as I want, as we would do directly in the main table

Did I well understand … ?


Hi Quentin
Thanks for the quick response.

I am traveling at the moment, but I’ll have a look when I can get to a computer again.

Thanks a lot

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