Lookup Filter using a Lookup?

I’d like to filter [Order.Drink Name] so it only shows Hot or Cold drinks based on whether [Order.Drink Type] is set to Hot or Cold. Both of those columns are lookups to other tables.

Here’s the custom formula filter on [Order.Drink Name]

But that always shows all drinks hot & cold.

Here’s the coda doc to take a look


Hi @Ryan_Hubbard ,
almost there… (but I admit it’s not super intuitive).

In the filter, you just have to provide the filter condition as it is already contextual.
Type=thisRow.Drink Type

(I changed it already on your doc)

I hope it helps.

Thanks! That was stumping me. Here’s a pic for reference in case others need the visual


Hi @Ryan_Hubbard,

I’ve got an issue similar, I know how to filter the lookup, but the problem is that the lookup is being used in lots of views of the same table. I’m probably doing something wrong, but it changes the source table and that’s the filter on all the views.

All the best,