Filtered Lookups?


OK, I’m about a week or so into using Coda for real work…

I am attempting to use Lookups where possible in a sort of relational database type manner.
Whilst Lookup functionality works rather well, I cannot (yet) figure a way to filter the selection of Lookup.

Imagine this scenario:

I have a table of companies
I have a table of contacts which uses a lookup reference to link a contact to a company
I have a table of factories that has a lookup to a company, BUT I would also like a lookup to a contact…

I do not want to have to choose from 1000’s of contacts when I have a lookup to the contact table. It would be far better to limit the possible contacts to only those who belong to a specific company (namely the one already chosen in a different column).

Any ideas?




In a rush at the moment, but see if something like this keeps you moving forward:

Column type = Select list > Select options = [Contacts].Filter(Company=Factory)

Will check back later to see where you’re at.



That works well for me, but it’s left me confused in other ways!
I thought the Select List would mere list the string values and not actual references to the source data.
I’d attempted the same filtering technique on a Look Up, but failed.
Much appreciated!

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