Creating Select list from Filtered Lookup

After spending the last 2 hours reviewing here and trying different solutions, I’ve decided to post my challenge.

I have 2 Tables - 1-People, which has all contacts (customers and our employees), 2-Tasks.

People Table has 2 columns “Name” and “Company”- Task Table has 2 as well - “Task” and “Owner”
Goal: Is to have “Owner” be a Select list created from only those individuals in the People table have Company = “My Company”

I’ve tried several solutions for similar questions in posts here but I get one of two outcomes.

  1. Either the Tasks->Owner column gets filled with “false”
  2. The column gets filled with all the names where the condition is met rather than providing a Select list of just those names where Company = “My Company”.

I’ve tried making the Column a Lookup with formulas as well as starting with it as a Select column with various formulas.

What am I missing?

Here is link to sample page I’m working with.

Thanks in advance for any soultion.

Hi @Robert_Coates :blush: and welcome to the Community :partying_face: !

I’m sorry but your sample doc seems to be inaccessible at the moment :innocent: .

Would you mind checking in ShareGet LinkAnyone with the link if the option selected is Can view ?

You can then embed it here by going from Share to Embed and click on the button Copy embed :blush:.

:bulb: Enable Play will allow anyone to fully explore the doc you’re sharing without any risk …. The changes won’t be saved :wink: !

Thanks, It’s okay if someone edits it. It’s just a test page I built to show what I’m trying to do,

Thanks for letting me know how to share it. Guess you can tell I’m new to Coda! :rofl:

It happens :wink: … Even to more advanced users :wink: !

And I’m sorry again but could you be a little bit more specific about this :point_down: ?

What are you trying to do ? :innocent:

I’m trying to create in the Tasks table Owner column a “Select from list” dropdown that only shows people who’s Company in the People table matches “My Company”. So in the example, the list to select the Task owner would only show and allow me select either Ringo or Tina as the Owner of that Task (John, Paul, Mary and Bobbi would not show up in the list)

Big picture, I’m trying to build a project management system that works for my business. I want to have only one People table that has both customers, prospects and employees of my company in it. But in the Tasks table Owner column only have employees of the company be able to be assigned as Owner of a Task rather than showing everyone in the People table.

Does that make sense?

Again, thanks for the help!

Ok :blush: … Well, I was going to type an answer but it seems like someone already gave a solution (see the second page in your sample :wink: ) but I have no idea who :woman_shrugging:

To the kind stranger (Anonymous Isosceles): Thank you :raised_hands: :grin: !

Just in case, here are few explanations :innocent:

To do what you want to do using a lookup field you don’t need to add a formula to that field but a Custom filter (which acts on the selectable options of your lookups) in Lookup optionsItem settingsCustom FilterCompany contains My Company

Filter My Company

Using a Select list instead of a lookup field, you could have used the formula you wrote for your lookup in Select list optionsSelectable items :blush:

Thanks Pch and to the mystery person as well.


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