Filtering Lookup columns based on other filtered look up columns


I’m trying to create a filtered view of a look up column based on an already filtered look up column within my same table.
I have my main table which is called Companies.
Companies has a lookup column called opportunities that basically shows all opportunities that are tagged with the company name.
My formula for this is Opportunities.Filter(Company.Contains(thisRow))

I also have a list of Active risks where the account name in that table, matches the opportunity name in my Opportunities table.

What I want is to create a lookup column from the Active risks table that only shows risks where the filtered opportunities name (can be multiple), matches all risks that have that same name in the Active risks table.

I made a small video here trying to explain this.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you!

Dear @Mauricio_Avalos_Martinez,

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Thank you this was helpful!

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