A View of Multiple Tables

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I am new to Coda and so far like it a lot. I have multiple tables and have successfully linked them using Lookup column types. I have the following tables, Clients, Sites, Categories, Supplies and Suppliers. A client has a site which has supplies provided by a supplier. Each supply is for a certain Category e.g. Gas or Electricity. I would like to build a view that shows me for a given client the supplies and suppliers by site. I cannot figure out how to do this. Can anyone help? I would be happy to share my work so far.

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the function .filter will definitely help you :slight_smile:

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Thank hou but as a newcomer, I need some more spcific advice.



@Denis_Brennan You can take a look at the filter() formula here Filter formula for 2 tables sharing look up column


Since you didn’t post an example doc, it’s unclear exactly what you want. Below is a sample doc intended to give you some different ideas about how to build what you’re after. Play with the selector called “clientSelect”, and then study the formulas to see how it all works. That is a Table, not a View. But if you want additional Views, you can make those also.