JOIN 2 or more tables

Hello all,

I’m quite new to coda.

I was wondering, is there some kind of way so I can make a view form an inner join on to table.

My example:
I have one table were I make a schedule for the crew and their tasks, with a day and starting hour.
On the other side I have a tables with the planning of my suppliers and their requests for crew to help.

I want to make a view where I can see on what day, how many crew I need, so by joining those two tables.

Thx for helping out!


Hi @Timothy_Deryck,

The ‘Coda’ way of doing joins is Lookups and then accessing properties of the looked up object. (AFAICT, under the bonnet, the ‘lookup’ is a foreign key, and all the join logic is done transparently for you anyway.)

If you need some help, please feel free to share an example doc, and I’ll see if I can demo it for you.


Hello @Joe_Innes,

thanks for the tip.

I tried some of the things I found in the howto’s, but as far as I can figure out, this is not really what I want…

I shared a doc with some basic data

Both tables get their data either from manual input or by Zapier through a google form.

What I would like to have is one table/view, where all the tasks are jointed together and then I can group them by date.
Afterwards I will need to know how many people are needed each day and have sandwishes we need to provide etc…