Connect multiple tables in one view

Hi Guys,

i have multiple task management tables (with the same column layout) that i would like to connect to one single view.
The Idea is that this view combines the data from those tables so i can filter for various criteria across them at once.

Is this something which is currently possible or which you have on your roadmap?


In general:
Views in Coda are not like joins/queries in SQL/Access, they are simply a different way of looking at a single table. They are used to show/hide different columns, different layout views and/or different filters, for example.
To do a join, you would create a new table, and then join the two tables in the relevant manner, for example a tenant table with a property table to record which tenant is in a property.
(Edit: Or use the relation column with related columns to simply pull the required information from the one table into the other.)
Your specific example:
To have multiple tables with the same layout is not generally considered best practice in Coda - it should be one table. If you created the tables for different customers or projects, add a column for that characteristic.


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Alright got it. Thanks a lot for your insights and tips!

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