Combine rows from multiple tables into a single table?


I work across multiple projects. I want to be able to have separate tables to track work for individual projects, then bring any rows with a due date of today (or check box of same) into a separate table to view them together so as to focus my daily work. I’ve been through a bunch of tutorials and haven’t figured out if this is possible.

Thanks in advance

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List information from one table to another


You can do this sort of thing using Views. Study the filters on the top 3 View tables in this doc. Maybe something like this can keep you moving forward.

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Thanks for the reply. I don’t think I explained myself very well.

If I have 3 separate tables, projects 1, 2, & 3, I want to pull some rows from each of those tables into a new table. Not filter rows from a massive table into separate tables. Thanks.

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You can probably use buttons or automations to do something like that.

NOTE: In that Views setup, you can hide the master table (for example, put it on a different section) and interact exclusively with the Views on an individual basis. You may have privacy reasons or similar that preclude such a setup.

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That’s exactly what I did. I created one massive table and then a bunch of views. I’m a bit concerned for performance as it grows, but hopefully will not be an issue.

Thanks again for your input.

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This is really stretching it, but take a look:


That looks great! I need to parse your code a bit as it is more complex than what I’ve done so far, but THANK YOU for setting this up!

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@Jeremy_Kriegel I would like to understand your scenario better. Usually we recommend creating views and filtering them to show contents esp. as you are copying data between two tables - that seem to suggests both tables have identical schema.

if you really want to copy records, here is what I would recommend

  1. Create a column of type button on each of the source table that copies that specific row into destination table lets say copy to target table
  2. Create a button that clears target table
  3. Create another button that clicks clear target table and then copy to target table on each of your source table.

That way it would be easier to manage in future.

here’s a sample doc.


Thanks for your reply @Krunal_Sheth. I didn’t want to copy data as then everything is disconnected. I think my mental model didn’t fit with how coda works. I wanted to have project level tables that I could pull out top tasks from into another table that would represent work for the day.

I ended up doing what you (and others) suggested. I have one master table with a number of filtered views, one for each project, as well as for priorities across projects.