Tablefield as Controller field for formular

Hey there!
I want to create a new table for each teammember to have an overview on what tasks they are assigned to.

I have a table: “Selected” with one column “Name” and one entry which is the type “People” and has the value of a team member.

I know about controller fields which are easy accessible but table entries are not.

I have this formuar now:
Todos.Filter(PM.Contains()).[Task name]

Now I want to access the “Selected” table with this formular above, something like:

Todos.Filter(PM.Contains(Selected.Name.firstEntry)).[Task name]

Is there a way of doing this?

It should work in the way how it works in this post with the date:

Thankful for every help!

Hi @Kilian_Lichtenauer,

I have just answered a very similar question.

Essentially you can reference any specific row and cell without a filter.

For example:

And then in any formula when needed just use an @ reference.

This will reference the specific cell in a table and once linked will adjust even if you empty or modify the content of that cell. Note that deleting the table row will break the reference.

You can find more into on references here.

If this is not what you are looking for or you need further assistance please create and provide a link to a test doc (clear of any personal data). We can then get a better idea of what you are after and can give more specific solutions.

All the best.


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