Filter to show rows assigned to me with multiple people assigned?

This is probably extremely basic, but I’m attempting to setup a filter on a task list so only tasks that have been assigned to me are displayed i.e. People=[Keith]

This works perfectly for rows where I am the only person assigned, but how can I filter to show all tasks that I am an assignee to, even if it’s more than one person? In other words, with the above filter, rows that have myself and another person assigned do not show up.

I’d really rather not setup a filter with every people combination. Is there a shortcut here?

Received a perfect reply from Coda - Thanks all!

Hi Keith,
My name is Jason and I’m an engineer here at Coda. You can filter the table using the contains formula. If you do People.Contains(@Keith) that should work. Let me know if you still run into trouble.

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