Find all rows that is assigned to me

I want to build a view for everyone in the team to see all rows that are assigned to them in all docs within a folder in one page, a page per person, or if it’s better, quick filter in one table view would be the best. I tried to look around the community but still can’t find any solution. Anyone in the community can help?

Something like:
Filter by: assignee
Display column | Folder name | Link to page

If you want to filter a table to just just rows for a particular user, there is a predefined CurrentUser() formula. You can use this in a filter on the table, like this:

Thanks @Jason_Downey.

It works on one doc but it won’t be able to find all rows in the same folders. Is that a formula to do that?

Hello @Mag_Shum! There is no easy way to do that right now.
You have a couple of options though

  1. You would need to add all tables with tasks from the other docs to your user doc via Cross-doc and filter it there, and add a button with a cross doc action to update the row in the original row.
  2. Every time you add a row with someones name on it you automatically add it to your User Doc via a Cross Doc Action.
  3. Another way would be to use the Coda api to do it automatically.

Every single option has the problem of keeping the rows updated across docs. Right now, the way Cross doc is implemented you have to handle the updating of the rows via Cross Doc Actions or Cross Docs and it is a real pain.

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