Filtering projects in a detail display based on elements in a nested table


I’m having trouble trying to accomplish filtering projects in a Detail Display view based on the tasks in a table associated with them and who they are assigned to.

I created a page with 2 tables, projects and tasks.
Projects are the parent table and can be assigned to a person.
Tasks are associated to a project and can also be assigned to a person.
I am trying to create a Detail Display view for each Person that displays the Projects that contain Tasks assigned to them.

I have tried functions that I believe should work, but nothing seems to yield results.

Here is a link to the page if anyone can help:

I believe your detailed view just needs a few tweaks with your formula! Here is the correct one.

thisRow.Tasks.[Task Owner].Contains(User()) 

The way you had it was…

Projects.Contains(Tasks.[Task Owner]=[Joel Davis]) 

The issue was that Task Tasks.[Task Owner] was trying to look at the tasks table, and not the projects table. So the projects table wasn’t sure what to filter because we weren’t talking about the projects row.

The correct formula references the projects table ThisRow.Tasks. I saw you also had it filtered to just you and not the current logged in user.

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Hi @Micah_Lucero

Thank you so much for the help on this. I think I’m super close here, but what I’m trying to achieve is to specify the Task Owner by their name and not the logged in user.

I have tried this:

thisRow.Tasks.[Task Owner].Contains("Joel Davis")

However, it is not successful, and I’m not certain how to reference the user in the formula in this scenario.

I’ve also tried:

thisRow.Tasks.[Task Owner]=[Joel Davis]

However, the results are not correct. It is only showing me a single Project in the Detail View that has Tasks from Joel (Project 2), when he is actually the Task Owner of two Projects (Projects 1 and 2).

Am I missing something?


Hmmm you can try setting up your filter by specifying your desired person’s email address, like in the formula below!

thisRow.Tasks.[Task Owner].Email=""

No need to make a new column for the email field, just specify that person’s coda email.

@Micah_Lucero Thanks again!

Unfortunately, that yields the same results. For some reason no matter what I do, the Detail View is not correctly showing Projects that contain Tasks from a specified user.

This formula below should be working but the results are just incorrect.
I am trying to filter the entire Detail View, is there something I’m not doing correctly?

thisRow.Tasks.[Task Owner]=[Joel Davis]

Hmmm… it appears to be working with

thisRow.Tasks.[Task Owner].contains([Joel Davis])

Other than that, I may not be understanding the issue fully.

That worked! Thank you so much. I must have have been doing something wrong.

Really appreciate your help!!


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