Filter a table within a Detail View

Hi! I’m new to Coda and I’m thrilled by what we have accomplished so far in designing a custom doc specifically to our workflow.

Quick question, I have a Clients view as “Detail”, and within that view I have several lookups showing information from other tables. The problem that I have is that I haven’t been able to create a filter for those tables.

In my case, I have a projects table showing within my clients detail view, but when I mark a projects as “Completed”, I don’t want to show it there.
This is working perfectly in another dedicated view I created for my projects in another section, because there, I’m able to simply filter by status!=completed. However in my clients detail view, I see all projects, even those that are already marked as completed.

Same thing applies to tasks table showing within the clients detail view, and so on .

Is there a way to filter those tables within a detail view?


Hi @Martin_Vilches,
welcome to Coda Community! :handshake:

It would be great if you could share your doc so it’s easier to dig into - and understand about - it.

Thank you!

Thanks for your answer. I just found out what I needed to do. I had to go to the Clients Master Table and in the lookup formula do a filter to get rid of the closed or inactive tasks/opportunities/projects

Here’s the link for my doc (it’s in spanish :grin: )