Filtering a View for a section?

Hi Community!

I am hoping for more development over time for sections to have some additional handling like rows in tables. I think it would bring even more potential to Coda, as most other alternative Wiki/Doc systems like Confluence, Slite, Quip, Teamwork Spaces, even Notion, don’t allow much ability to manipulate an entire doc like a row item or db “entity,” such as apply a status - should you have sections that are really docs representing a project overview that is “in planning,” and you’d like to see how many you have in that status at once, for example.

One thing I think would be terrific is the ability for sections to pick up Lookup like functionality in rows. One thing I am doing in my version of Coda that I’m using for my team’s project management (software development) is to embed a subtable view frequently to represent subtasks, project phases, even references from meetings. I think it would be terrific if a section could also pick up where it has been referenced in another table.

My particular example here is I wanted to refer to various company docs, like Sprint Procedures, across a table that represents meeting notes. The idea is to record every time in a meeting these procedures are discussed and adjusted. My hope was that I could embed a view of that table in my Sprint Procedures section, and filter for any time in the table I had a reference to the “Sprint Procedures” section via the @ command. I noticed that the filter does not allow that type of syntax.

Does anybody have an idea how I could accomplish this?

For now, I am simply spelling out in plain text “Sprint Planning” in the column that refers to this section, and then using a filter of the table to bring back rows with that term spelled out. That is a lot more typing however than if I could just very quickly, during a meeting, type “@…S-p-r…” and then get the reference, which also has the benefit of being clickable.

If this is not possible, perhaps you guys could consider adding this as a feature to filters?

Thanks as always