Make section tables work together

I’ve recently picked up and started using Coda (currently loving it too) and I’ve ran into a somewhat problem. You see I have 1 Folder with 3 Sections in it, each of these sections have a Table within them. Now I want section 1 and 2 to be completely separate, but I want section 3 table to react to what is being added, changed or removed from the section 1 and 2 tables.


If I add a row to the table in Section 1, the table in Section 3 will update with the exact same row. If I edit a row in Section 2, the table in Section 3 will update the exact same row. If I remove a row from Section 1, nothing will be edited in Section 2, but Section 3 table will also remove that row.

Hi Simen, and welcome to the community.

Is it perchance something that can be achieved with one common table (in section 3) and then two filtered views of that table in sections 1 and 2?