Reference doc sections in tables?

I use Coda as a kind of constantly evolving personal productivity megatool. One of the most challenging things I find with using Coda as my productivity swiss army knife is one of the most common tasks: note-taking. Notion gets this right in the way that each document in Notion is or can be basically a row in a table (Notion gets everything else wrong). The problem I have with Coda on this is that while Sections are perfect for taking notes, the only methods I know of to reference sections in other areas of my doc, particularly tables, are pretty hacky. But hacky can be good, so…

Basically: if you have any good hacky ideas, or if there is some way to do this that I’m simply somehow unaware of (that would rule), to allow for a table to reference a section, that would be the bestest.

If I designed my own solution, it would basically be having the ability to do lookups to sections exactly the same way that you can already do lookups to other tables. Put another way: it’d rule if sections were exposed as a table.


Great idea. It would also mean you could cross doc sections