Nested Lookup or other multiple filters in summary table

Hello everybody, good morning,

I have a table with multiple projects, among other things it has the following information; 1) project owner, 2) sprint #, 3) impact on Strategic Objective.

I need to be able to put together a summary table where I get the sum of the impact on the Sprint by project owner. For this, I need to filter by Project Owner and by Sprint.

I have not been able to get said filter, I have tried with “Table.Filter” (it does not work because the display column is another one that is not linked with these fields, I cannot change it either because it currently works for other calculations).

I have also tried with “Lookup” but this only allows me to filter with one of the 2 variables (Project Owner or Sprint, not with both).

I don’t know what other formula could help me, I appreciate the kind support I can receive from the CODA community.

Hi Crea,

Welcome to Coda!

Have you tried doing groups on the table, rather than creating a new table to read the detail table?

Rambling Pete

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