Summary formula question

Hello folks.
I stucked with building sum formula, when I look for values from existing tables.
Lets say - I have a main table with tasks (columns: Tasks -plain text; Project -lookup for another table with project description; Taken time - duration) and a summary table (with project name and total duration columns). I want to calculate a sum from duration column with filter for thisrow.project, but the formula is not working. My formula examples:
1)= TASKS.taken time.filter (tasks.project = thisrow.project).sum();
2) = lookup (tasks, taken time, thisrow.project).sum()

Please let me know if you know what’s wrong here.

Dear @_on_G, welcome to the community

I have created a sample doc with some explanations.
Feel free to copy it for your own use / to play around with it.

In case of questions, the community is the right place.

Dear Jean_Pierre_Traets
Thanks for very descriptive hints. It helps me to find the cause of problem. In my case, I used not a original project table for summary, but a table where 1st column “Project name” was a lookup for original one. Somehow, mine and your formulas return empty values… With original project table, everything works. So, thanks again.

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