Question about referencing data in text format


Im having problems with filters. I think this would be very easy. I have 2 tables. In Table 1, I have currency values in one column and the status (paid and not paid) in another column. I want to have in other section a summary in text format, with the unpaid quantity sum.

There’s not really a lot to go on, here. :slight_smile: Can you explain the actual problem and maybe supply a link? Thanks.

Thanks for you answer Nick. Im going to explain with more details. I have a table with the name “Sales”. In that table I have 3 concepts (1 product, 2 price and 3 the status in a list format). The status is paid and unpaid. In other section, in text format I want the sum () of each, the paid and unpaid. I need to filter them. Im using this formula:

Ok, so the general formula pattern for your example should go like this:


You’re saying…

  1. Make a result table containing everything in the table: [Table]. No need to specify a column at this point.
  2. Only include rows where [SearchColumn] equals the value you’re interested in. Every other row that doesn’t match the filter doesn’t make it into the result table.
  3. Now only include the column we want to sum up. All the columns other than the [NumberColumn] you specify are removed. You now have a table containing a single column containing numbers.
  4. And finally, sum everything up.

If you re-write your formula like this it should work. If not, click the Share button, copy a link and post it here. Good luck!

/edit - I hope the formatting works!