Sum() + Interactive Filter

Hi guys!

Could you help me understand how I can Implement this logic, please?

I have 2 tables (Summary and Source table). In the summary table, I display the Sum() of the Price column.
I added the filter for column date in the source table.
How can I update data in the table Summary according to the interactive filter by date in the source table?
Because when I filter data in the source table, in summary, the table displays the sum of all data in the source table.
Expected result - sum in the summary table by filtered data in the source table.
Thank you!

Hi @Andrew_Golovchenko :blush: ,

Maybe this could work for the formula in your field Total (in your Summary table) :

[Source Table].Filter(
    CurrentValue.Item = thisRow.Name 

What this does is :blush: :

  1. Like you already did : We’re looking for rows from your table [Source Table] where CurrentValue.Item = thisRow.Name
    → which, behind the scene returns a first list of rows


  2. From that “hidden” first list of rows, we’re now asking Filter() to only keep the rows where CurrentValue.Date Matches() the value in your canvas control/interactive filter.

Both conditions here needs to be True for Filter() to do its job and keep a row in the final list of rows it will return :blush: .
Once we have that final list of rows, all that’s left is to Sum() the corresponding prices.

Here’s a quick sample to illustrate :blush: !

Don’t hesitate if you have questions or if something’s not clear :innocent: .
But in the meantime, I hope this helps :blush:


Dear @Pch,

Your solution seems to be working fine.

I suggest to take away the filter from the source table to avoid confusion, as less experienced “Makers” might not recognize the filter at first.

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@Jean_Pierre_Traets , I can’t :blush:

@Andrew_Golovchenko wanted to be able to filter his Source table by Date using the interactive filter and see the result of the filter also reflected in the Total field in his [Summary Table] as said here :blush: :

I’ve added a small note at the top of my sample though :blush:, trying to clarify a little the situation here :wink: .

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Dear @Pch,

My bad, I should have read more careful the question from @Andrew_Golovchenko.

Thanks for the update :innocent:


That’s work for me. Thank you guys!


No worries @Jean_Pierre_Traets :wink: … It happens :relaxed: !

No problem @Andrew_Golovchenko :grin: !
I’m very glad to know it helped :grin:

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