Sum row doesn't adhere to filter bar selections

Since the introduction of the new filter bar, the Sum row at the bottom of a table does not reflect the correct value. For example, if I filter on a particular status and I look down at the sum value, it is the total…not based on what filter that is applied. Notion handles this fine and so does Excel. I have to constantly create summary tables or calculated fields above the table. Very annoying for quickly seeing what the aggregate values are when I applied a filter bar filter. Am I missing something?

Interesting catch. The summary does actually notice the personal filter bar though, but only if you trigger its calculation by updating the “old” filter first. Definitely a bug :slight_smile:

A temporary solution would be to manually trigger the summary calculation every time you change the filter bar:

  • Create a /toggle controller
  • Name it something such as X
  • Change the “old” filter of the table by appending AND X (Or just writing X) if it was empty
  • Click the button twice to refresh the table

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