Show formulas for the summarise functions

I have a big problem with the filter function, it always takes me hours (no exaggeration) to work out how to use it in a formula. The examples on Coda seem quite simple but if you want to do anything more complex you have to ask.

For instance I have a costs and income table - 5 items marked “Cost”, 2 “Income”. The Summarise label (which seemed to disappear from beneath the table for some reason) works fine if I group by whether it’s a Cost or Income. But I can’t for the life of me work out how to do this formula.

My attempts to get it to filter for Cost or Income AND only return the values for this so that I can do a simple Cost - Income is not working.

So if the Summarise/Count etc labels from tables could be able to display their forrmulae that’d help me a lot.


Hi, I’m up for that suggestion, when I started I felt it was too difficult to do stuff like that.
Regarding your problem, you where right at filtering by cost or income but after that you have to extract the amount and then sum() it; so your formulas would end up kind of like this:


Just replace “Table” with the name of your table, “ColumnCostIncome” with the name of your column that contains the Cost or Income, and lastly the “Amount” with the name of the column that contains that.


Thank you @Saul_Garcia that helped

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