Questions regarding formulas

Hi there,
I’m trying out Coda and very happy with it.
I have two questions regarding formulas and hope to get some answers here.

If you see “Summary > Monthly Summary per Category”,
I grouped the table by Year Month and Category.
I was able to display a chart with Year Month + Category + Sum(AMOUNT).

And now I want to display “sum(amount)/budget” instead of sum(amount).
So first, I added a column named “Budget” there, but my formula doesn’t work.

It’s basically getting a row from “Budget” table matching Category, and why is the result an empty array?

This is minor compared to the first one.
If you see “Summary > Summary of this month”, on “Budget” columns, there’re red triangles and the tooltip says it’s not a valid row reference. What does it mean?

Thanks for reading it :slight_smile:

Hi There :grin: ! Welcome :grin: !

To answer your questions :

  1. It doesn’t work because you’re comparing in your Filter() formula 2 different things : a “reference” and a text.
    This should help to get what you want :

Category.Category will get the “text” from the table you use in your section “Meta”

What you could possibly do is to make your Category field in that table a select list/lookup field from [Budget] in “Meta” to select your categories and then simply add the related column Amount (just an idea :wink: )

  1. The format of the field seems to be the problem : By changing it to a Text field, the little red triangle should disappear :wink:
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Ahhh I didn’t know about “reference”. I should’ve got a text from the reference.

Thanks a million :grin:

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You’re welcome :wink: !

A tiny tip when you compare things with a formula is to look a the icons in the names of the fields : They are the formats of the fields :wink:


Yes, right after reading your answer, I realized the icons were different.
Thanks for your kind tip :+1:

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You’re welcome again :grin: ! Always glad to help :wink:

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