Gathering and summing up data from my categories


I am a Coda newbie. Just trying to create a personal budget and have got to this point

I would like another tab where all the expenses in each category are added up and collated under that category. Any ideas? Thanks

Hi @Charlotte_Fisher :blush:

Is this what your where looking for ? :blush:


Hi @Charlotte_Fisher,

you’ve made the most difficult part !
You have well referenced your expense to a category using lookups

Then go to your categorie table, and use the automatic reference to add new column with related expense and all information !


Thanks for giving the explanations of what I did in the sample @Quentin_Morel :wink: !

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The pleasure of a Team work @Pch :wink:

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Wow - this is perfect guys. Thanks. I am a total newbie and can’t code so its slow progress but I am loving it! Will now incorporate this into my document and ‘learn by doing’.

Just to be really cheeky my dream is to get to a point where I can copy and paste my monthly bank statement into a new tab then go through and categorise it and then minus the ‘actual spend’ from the ‘categorised totals’. Any ideas on the formula to do that would be amazing, in the meantime I will get working on just summing up my categories.

Thanks again


So I have managed to get to this point. Fake Budget 2022/23

I don’t know why it only shows the date rather than the amount in the real expenditure column and I need it to add up all the categories - so the Eat and Drink under real expenditure should show £120. Then I would need to minus it from the Monthly - Sum column - which I also can’t do…

One benefit of spending so much time trying to get this budget sorted is that I don’t have time to actually spend any money!

Apologies just noticed that @Pch has done the first part of my question in his example for me - thanks!

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Hi @Charlotte_Fisher :blush: !

Because you chose the column Date as your Display column in your table September which is where you’re tracking your real expenditure :blush: … and this is the only data type a lookup field will return : row(s) :blush:

Now, to get the sum of the [Money Out] from your [Real Expenditure] lookup, you can simply add a Related column like this :

Coda will automatically add a field with the sum the corresponding [Money Out] value for each row actually in your [Real Expenditure] lookup :blush:

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