How to combine multiple Tables together into a single big table

Hi All
I am pretty new here and I am struggling to combine multiple subtables into a single summarised table.

All the sub tables will have the identical columns and data type. The way it will be combined is pretty much like stacking all subtables into a large table.

I try to explore an option like creating multiple table views of a master table with filters but this is creating multiple tables with a reference to the master table.

However, I want a combined table referencing to multiple tables. Is this feasible?

thank you!

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I’ve made a small successful experiment to combine multiple tables into one with a button, this particular one only adds unique rows based on their name.


Why is the second approach the one you prefer? In practical terms the outcome is the same, it is just many, many times easier to use the first approach.

Rambling Pete.

If you do want to follow the second approach, you could implement the ForEach() formula to copy the data from the distributed to the central table.
And then you run into maintenance issues, because unlike the first approach where there is one source of truth, nie you have several, and need to keep them in sync.

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Hi @Piet_Strydom

Thanks for your response. :smiley: I will try your suggestion

but yeah I understand it is so much easier. I am trying to create a daily report.

Basically, my use case is for the project management and my manager wants to see a daily report for all tasks from multiple projects summarised into one single table.

Therefore, the table view approach won’t meet the requirement since I don’t want to create one master task table for all projects and then create the view table with a filter in each project doc. I prefer to update tasks in each project doc and have them all combined to a single table for a management report.

If it’s complicated and require a lot of effort to set up and maintain, I will have to think of other way to do this :smiling_face_with_tear: but I was hoping that Coda may have a solution for it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Rickard ! :smile: I will give it a shot.

HI Nat,

I you indeed have to have different source tables, it is still doable, as Richard pointed out. You would need to put a little bit of effort into avoiding errors of omission and commission. Also sending information back to the individual projects is possible but only with some effort.


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