Summary of multiple tables

Hi All,

I have 12 tables in 12 sections and am trying to create a summary of costs for all tables.

I have created a table with each column representing a table.
I have pulled the total of each of the tables into it’s own column.

How can I make a table where I have a vertical list of table names and totals (see image below)?

Referencing content from one table I understand but not how to reference from many different tables.



Hi Sean, were you able to find a solution for this? I am facing the same problem.

Are all the tables the same structure or different? If they’re the same then the solution would be simply to have one table and 12 views with appropriate filtering for each section. Calculating the totals would then be trivial.

Do you have an example doc we can look at?

Hi Nick, they are not the same structure in my case.

Thinking outside of the box, another approach for me would be to successfully reference a table name that is a variable. Not sure if that is possible with coda.
I don’t know if its possible to access a list of all table names within a doc for instance.

It sounds like what you’re describing is a requirement to union two or more tables. There’s a nice example of how to combine data from multiple tables here: Data Hierarchy and Aggregration

Hey, is there any simple solution about this?

Dear @Anom_Birowo, welcome to the community!

Credits to Paul for his approach on transposing tables:

Thanks, it works.
The next problem is how to hide it so the source table won’t be visible? For example if you want to print it

Hi @Anom_Birowo,

Great news.:pray:

You can create another page, in the same doc, and move it there :thinking: