How to combine the columns of two tables into one column in a single table?

Before to ask, I would like to say that I’m starting to love Coda. It is amazing!!!. Well now my question:

I have two pages (project a page, project b page) and in every page I have a table of payments (project a table payments, project b table payments) each table have a row which contains payments values. What I want now is create a summary page with a table which contains all of the payments of table a and table b.

How to merge the payment column of table a and table b into a single column of the summary table?

Hey @Julian_Solarte , welcome to the community :slight_smile:

My suggestion would be to think the other way around:

Instead of having to seperate tables with the same structure and trying to merge it, have one table for all payments with a select list column “Project” and then split it into connected views for the particular projects.

Project A payments table then is a view with a filter, that shows only payments where “Project A” is selected. And same with B then.

Would that work for your use case?


@Daniel_Stieber seems the most straightforward answer, and the one better fits your case if as simple as the example you provide.

In other more (way more!) complex scenarios you could look for @Paul_Danyliuk tips using external API services (i implemented Integromat solution successfully)

You can also look for the more than greatly expected Paul’s Cross-doc Plus, TBA release date

Yet while you keep your budget tracker low in complexity and amount of data those are unnecessary overkill.


I got it, Schema 1 - One Big TableVideos, I think I will take a look at the different schemes in Coda to understand how to handle the information. Thanks for your answer!!!

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