Merge/join two tables

I have two tables. One listing transactions from one bank account and another one listing credit card transactions.
Now I want to build a master view that shows all transactions in a single table.

Is this possible?
Thank you very much.

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I do not know if there is a way to automatically merge the data but you could certainly add a column in each table tor transaction type (Bank or Credit card). Then use copy/paste to transfer all of the data into one combined table.

Once combined into one table, you can use the Grouping feature to choose which transactions to view:


Hi, @Richard_Kaplan.

Thanks for your help. It is not what I was looking for but the end result is quite the same so I followed your suggestion.

Have a nice weekend.


Did any one manage to find a better solution than copy/paste? Tackled the same issue in my project and I am looking for something more automated due to workflow needs.

Tried couple of approaches, the closest one is ListCombine() and Slice() with RowID(thisRow), but it kills all the relational benefits of Lookup columns, so fingers crossed.