Lookup Returning Values From Non-Display Columns


I have a table that I want to run multiple lookups against from formulas in Automations, with each lookup returning a value from a different column. The problem is, whenever I run the lookup formula it only returns the value in the column that is marked as the display column. Is there any way to target non-display columns to return values from?


Here is an example. So if I have a lookup table and I want to target other columns to return values from, how would I do that?

Notice that the lookup formula is only returning values from the Payee column (marked as Display) but how would I modify the formula to return, for example, the Group or the Category belonging to Payee = Comcast ?

Thank you!


Would dot access work for you, like this?



Does the below make sense?


Elegant in its brevity and simplicity! Works perfect, thank you @Ander

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Excellent visual aid, thank you very much @Jean_Pierre_Traets!

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Edit: thanks for the help you guys!