Get value from other column



i have a table with two columns (column 1, column 2).
How do I get the value from column 2 if I only know the value from column 1?

Thanks for your help.




Like this?

The “Source” table is where your source data is stored. The “Lookup” table is where you enter your input and see the output magically appear. Simply enter a value into “LU Col 1” and see the result appear in “LU Col 2”.

The “magic” is in the formula in “LU Col 2”.



Here’s a more elegant way to do it with a lookup.

In this case the value in “LU Col 1” is actually a reference to a row in “Source” which means you can simply “indirect” right through it with dot notation.

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Hey Nick,

thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately, I can’t do it myself. Can you show me the formula of your example?



Dear @Jochen_Zeller

When you open the doc and create a copy by pushing the button. In this doc you will be able to see the formula(s)

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Oh, i didn´t realize that this is a embed :see_no_evil:
Thanks, now it works.

But i have another question.
How do i get the value from Table Source Column 2 in an formula outside a table?




You can type a formula anywhere. :slight_smile: Check out the bottom…

Then go to the source table, change “X” to something else and see it magically update not only in the lookup table but in the text below.

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