Column with multiple values from a different table

Hello everyone,

I’ve searched the community for a similar solution but couldn’t find anything that worked for me.
Here is the sample document I’m working from:

Basically I have a company, contacts and deals table.
Each contact has a company ID assigned from the “Company” table.
In the deals table, I want a column that shows for each deal, the list of contacts associated to the company for that deal in a format “Name (Email)”. This would be in a bulleted list or similar.

Is this possible to achieve? I tried experimenting with the Filter function but had little success.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Hey @Mauricio_Avalos_Martinez ,
I’ve edited directly in your Shared Doc, hope that’s fine.

Yes this is possible. I made the formula in three steps:

- Filter the right contacts
With the contact.filter() or the contact.lookup() formula, you can select the proper rows from the Contact table. (I usally go for filter, because its more flexible than lookup)

- Put together the fields from each row
With .formulaMap() you can execute a formula for each row (or list item) one by one. In your case you want to create a new string with values from multiple columns for every row. The new string is created with concatenate() or format(), in that case the concatenate works fine.

- Make a bullet list of the result
By just adding .bulletedList() to a “list result”, you get the bullet points and make it easy to read

Hope that is what you are looking for. Best, Daniel


Thank you! This was perfect!

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