More and more bugs - what's going on with Coda?!

I love Coda, but in the last two months, the number of bugs has increased exponentially, and it’s concerning. Issues range from column names changing to match the headings in forms, to column types changing randomly, email buttons starting to synchronize unexpectedly, to formulas not saving reliably. I’m constantly looking for things I’m doing wrong because something that used to work suddenly doesn’t work anymore, only to realize it’s another bug.
Working with Coda has become unpredictable lately.

What’s going on? Will this be fixed, or do we have to continue dealing with these problems?

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Hey there,
Alison here, head of customer support. We really appreciate you working and growing in Coda! We do apologize if it’s feeling like that. After digging in a bit and looking at historical data, we don’t see a wider trend overall. However, we do see that some of the issues unfortunately slipped past our testing and impacted your work. Anytime that happens we work to expand our automated tests to prevent similar bugs popping up in the future. We appreciate you coming to us when things seem amiss, and we aim to handle each situation quickly.


yes this one

In this scenario the projectName is replaced by Coda with ‘the name of this project’ which of course I cannot find when creating function in a button. This one is with us for months.

It would be helpful to see a fix without further ado, merci.


Hey @Huber_Stefan_Werner and @Christiaan_Huizer ,

Sam here, Product Manager here at Coda. Wanted to echo what @Alison_Schreuder mentioned in that I can imagine how frustrating that can be when these issues do slip by and affect how you use Coda.

In regards to this specific issue (column names changing unexpectedly), this was not on our radar so really appreciate you both sharing this; the screenshot really helped in tracking this down. I am going to escalate this to my team as a regression and see if we can get a fix in for it, and as Alison mentioned, add improved testing to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

As always, we really do appreciate when ya’ll go out of your way to share this feedback and these issues, as it helps us not only fix these issues, but also expand our automated testing for future quality.

Best regards,

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@Huber_Stefan_Werner @Christiaan_Huizer
Just to triple check we are looking at the same issue and resolve the right problem:

Using “rename” on a column from row modal which has a display name (longer name) edits the column name but uses the display name (longer name) as default value, effectively over-writing existing column name.

Screen Capture on 2024-06-28 at 16-22-24

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yes @Sam_Harper , this is it, the display name in the form or detail view becomes the column name and we want the column name to remain the column name.

It is nevertheless a good idea (as has been suggested by others) that for normal tables we have column names and the option to show display names (like we have in the logic of detail view). However this is not the topic here.

first things first.

merci, Christiaan

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Yes this what we mean. This bug exists for months now!

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