Cross-doc sync failure, automation delays (resolved)

Having major problems with a doc that runs fine and shows nothing in the formula debugger. Cannot get support to help, keep getting ghosted. Have had terrible experience with support over the years with Coda and it’s still the same. Can’t post any details of my issue here due to NDAs, but trying to get Coda’s team to pay attention any way I can at this point.

Hey Ben. Could you please explain more about the issue?

I am in contact with support now. It appears to be a combination of a systemic outage in cross-doc (now resolved) with some other back end row processing issue that is being investigated. There may additionally be something with how i’ve built my doc that I’m missing, but TBD.

Confirmed that my doc formulas were fine, primary issues were all systemic to Coda’s backend. Support came through in the end.

Can close this out.