Doc keeps crashing

Hi community,

I can’t seem to figure out why my doc keeps crashing. I’ve started from scratch multiple times, but once everything starts coming together they all start to crash pretty reliably. With crash I mean I get the: “We’ve found a problem, reload your doc” non-blue blue screen of death from coda.

This is a copied doc without sensitive info; it’s a GTD type system.

@5pz9gdnn47 , Hello,
Could you please give me more information about your problem because on my side everything works even if I notice some slowness which are often linked to formulas.

Start by temporarily removing a formula, then another one and see if it changes anything to your problem.

If after these tests nothing changes, I suggest you show us more precisely with a GIF for example, I am not an expert of Coda but I already had problems of crashing related to the formulas or I was obliged to remove it and redo it. I hope that my help will bring you the solution.



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