Recent Updated Causing Bugs?

Hi all - it seems to me with recent updates to coda I have been slowly loosing the ability to do tasks I have become quite accustom to using.

  • When creating filters, I used to be able to click on the filter name itself which would open up that filter so I could edit and change it. This is no longer working which is a bit frustrating as I now must click the tiny circle on the filter. Although this may be a personal preference, I have been finding it very difficult to modify filters because of this. Also, having such a small target is not very accessible friendly.
  • I can no longer copy and paste a table view with CRTL+C and CTRL+V. It used to give me a popup with the different pasting options, defaulting with pasting the exact same table view that I copied. Now it will only paste duplicate data and does not give me the option on how to paste the table. This is extremely frustrating as I use the same views of tables all the time and now I must reset all the visible columns, filters, and formatting each time.
  • My formulaic columns no longer give me the options to convert formulas to editable fields. This is also frustrating as I now need to duplicate the columns or physically copy and paste values into columns now. This makes its very difficult when I need to adjust values in a column that is referenced from multiple different tables and must paste values in manually.

Please let me know if any of these things have move places or anything, but this has been making it very difficult to use coda recently.

As of mid-week, I have Select fields reverting to their initial settings, but not consistently…

For example, a status field is set on the creation of a new row to ‘Open’. It is manually set to ‘Complete’ at a later time to filter it from the view. The next time we look, its status has reverted to ‘Open’.

This does not happen consistently, but seemingly randomly.

This is creating a major problem…

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