The content of email notification buttons are suddenly synchronized


A few days ago, the email buttons on my Coda doc suddenly took on a synchronized behavior. They are independent buttons that worked independently before. But suddenly the contents are synchronized. If I change something in one, it also changes in the button text of the other. I can only explain this with a bug, because this behavior has suddenly changed. Here is a video about it: Coda Button Synch 2024-05-19 053047.mp4

Thanks for a short feedback

I just discovered that I have to redo every single button I copied - because somehow they are all in synch now. This wasn’t the case before last week. Originally I copied the button in order to just need to adjust the content of the email. This worked fine until last week - now all buttons that were copied and adjusted are somehow in synch.

Definitely a major bug that has already cost me hours of work. I have recreated all buttons but again they start to synchronize. For example, here the content is suddenly synchronized, but the subject is not.

Coda Synch Error – 1716187552320.mp4

@Huber_Stefan_Werner This was a bug which existed and was supposedly fixed about 3 months ago. I would suggest that you write to the Codans in the chat because if it behaves like it did in my docs, it can ruin thousands of visual button columns (I had to spend 40+ hours fixing columns after I experienced this bug before).

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Thank you! It drives me crazy - I encountered another bug and I wonder if you know this bug too?
If I label the column names in forms with a question/title, the column name eventually takes on the label text. Have you also observed this? It almost drove me crazy with forms that suddenly stopped being prefilled out correctly because the column names no longer matched because they were renamed with the label. (no this was no accident by me, as I didn’t change all the forms by myself)

Yeah, I’ve seen that one too. It makes me nervous too but for a couple of months I reported about 30 bugs while building a doc. Then I was asked to stop reporting bugs for a couple of months. The feeling was that Codans are doing some bigger changes and they expect to be a lot of bugs. This is a downside of scrum - release features knowing that there are bugs.

Not nice but I decided to allow this time and focus of the team for the sake of long-term development of Coda.

I would suggest that you report all these anyway and just be patient.

Time was not abundant in my case so I was super careful to have only one visible button at a time while building them, never duplicate a button column or copy-paste a button formula directly (only through Notepad++), deleted browser cache. This I how I progressed despite the bug.