Alert Sync / Force Refresh?

Suggested: Force browser refresh? Alerts bell refresh?

Just noting, I appreciate the way Coda works, and that fast/offline access are at odds with instant/good sync.

I see problems across different computers and sessions, where syncing just doesn’t happen without refresh. A very common occurrence is with alerts, where it can be seen 3+ times:

  1. where for example the Email is clicked, this doesn’t do anything to the alerts bell
  2. the alerts bell has to be clicked to show it as read
  3. on a different computer/session, the browser needs a refresh to the window to make old alert bell notices go away.

This obviously goes against the foundation of coda, which is seamless/enjoyable interaction with lots of data and closing the loop on user-user interactions quickly.

Hi @Michael_Armani,

Welcome in the community, a place you can learn and exchange knowldge with users and Codans, all with different backgrounds and experiences.

To be able to give feedback on your post, a good practice is to share a copy of your document, where you make clear your questions and expectations. (Obviously you should replace sensative info)

Accordingly the community will try to help you out and in case of a bug the Codans will assign to the right person.

I see in your below post you are very pleased with Coda.

I am also happy user, although when it comes to speed, especially when the bases become bigger, the environment becomes less reliable. I know the Codans are working on this. See this post:

Enjoy Coda,

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Thanks Jean

I’d be happy to share the database but it will take a lot of time to strip the sensitive data, so for now i wanted to get some critical comments and suggestions out there and see if a consensus can form to help Coda’s team focus on the most important usability features in the mean time; At this point there is no problem with the documents themselves, they’re fantastic, and still running fine.

Most of the concerns I’ve posted come from deep experience (100 hours/2 weeks) with one big doc, and sharing among 50-100 people recently come down to issues that are obvious psychology/visual discrepancies compared to the otherwise extremely streamlined Coda. Hopefully this will continue to be received well without sharing the doc just yet.

I love airtable, but its just not the same. Its unbelievable coda edged it out so aggressively now that i never want to use airtable, but i have to to for the ability to handle large data and granular permissions, for now :slight_smile:

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