Real time collaboration without refresh

Hi Coda folks! My team uses Coda to track many things with great success, but one feature we would love and are wondering if it’s on the roadmap is real-time collaboration on the same coda doc (à la google doc) and being able to see what the other person has entered without needing to refresh.

anything you can share about this? Is this a feature others would use, like?

Can you tell me a little more about when and where you have needed to refresh to see data. We do have real time collaboration and would love to know why it is not working for you.

Hi Malika,

Thanks for the response. We are finding that if 2 people are working on the same doc at the same time, they do not see what the other is writing unless they refresh the page. Is this normal?

we use it for collaborative writing…which ideally would not require a refresh


No, this is not normal. Can you ping the support team at Coda and we’ll take a look at what is going on with your doc.