Labels not working in Gmail Pack?

Not sure if this is user error or really a bug but I noticed 2 issues with the syncing of Gmail into Coda based on label criteria.

  1. I am not seeing my full list of Gmail labels when I set up the sync in Coda.

  2. When I did import a few emails into Coda, I noticed the label column showed only the default labels (inbox, category_promotion, unread) instead of the labels I gave those emails (on Gmail side, I can see those labels.)

I can’t tell if these issues are on Gmail side or Coda side (or user side). Any help fixing this is much appreciated. Thanks!


Thanks for reaching out about these issues.

I personally only have 1 label setup in Gmail so not sure if this is a quantity issue on our end which we can work to resolve. Would love some clarifications if you’re able to provide them?

  1. You mentioned not seeing the full list of Gmail labels when you sync. How many are you seeing and how many are you missing?
  2. I’m seeing my custom label flow through to Coda, Are all custom labels missing here or just the ones that are also missing from the first bullet point?

So what I figured out was the labels do show up in Coda but there is an unusual long delay for updates to be reflected on Coda side.

I had to wait 5-10+ minutes to see the updated label list in the sync criteria - which isn’t too bad. However, if I added a label to an email on Gmail side, that email in Coda’s table would not show that label. (hence, I couldn’t use the sync label criteria right away).

I don’t know how long it actually took for the table to update the label column but it did update after a day or two. So, the Gmail pack does work but there is such a long delay to get labels updated - at least for me.


I just tried testing this and it seems to update the label column on the next sync. So if your table is set to sync once a day it could take a day for it to update but you can run a manual sync to get it to flow in earlier.

If that doesn’t work, I can look into it further.

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