Changes to the gmail pack


This morning I was treated to the following message:


My emails are carefully crafted with different types of linebreaks (they were recently introduced), and now my mails are one continuous bunch of text lines, harder to read and bad looking.

So, I fixed them all, but it seems like we can only use one type of linebreak now. An unannounced change like this is annoying and it is not an improvement. At least explain to us why and possibly an alternative - and preferably before implementing this type of change. My emails go out automatically and I don’t want the to change without me knowing up front.

Greetings, Joost


indeed and my main question is why Coda does not communicate proactively on such an important change with a bit of background information.

I don’t have time to go through all my emails, maybe over the weekend.

This also indicates how the so much praised pack logic operates: a maker (in this case Coda HQ) updates a pack and without further notice you are in trouble.

This is not the way forward Coda.

Best, Christiaan


Those kind of changes should probably be communicated in advance, because it is not like a formula or action stops working because of a change and you can see that it is failing and go fix it. It is a change that you don’t even realize is breaking your emails and making them look bad!

Please let us Pack makers send those kind of messages as well :wink: