Extra line breaks added into emails sent with Gmail Pack

I have a table cell with text content (no formulas, no formatting as far as I can tell). When I use the Gmail pack to send that cell as an email, all of my newlines appear to be duplicated.

Is this a known issue? What should I be doing differently here?

Image 2022-01-26 at 9.15.33 AM

CC @BenLee since you have a lot of posts on the topic!

For anyone looking for this in the future, I solved this by replacing newlines with β€œ

thisRow.Message.RegexReplace("\n", β€œ

I think this is something Coda should fix, though, since it seems they may be handling the conversion from a cell to email HTML!


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Hey Christian, thanks for bringing this to our attention! This smells like a bug, so we’re going to do more investigating on our end. Also, thank you for posting a workaround in the meantime. It’s super appreciated!

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