Can't insert a break line with Gmail Pack


I’m trying to send an email with Gmail Pack from concatenated columns but I need to add some break lines.

I created a dummy column to check if “Character(10)” works and does the job pretty well, but when I add that column within Content field in Gmail button it does not work. I receive my email without any break line.

Any ideas?

I noticed this as well, and I remember it has something to do with whether the text you’re sending is rich-formatted or not.

Try converting your text to rich format by e.g. selecting some space character in your text and making it colored (you won’t see the difference but it should convert plain text to rich text). Or if you’re using a formula, try appending _Bold(" "), and send that.

More about plain text vs rich text:

I may have even reported it as a bug via Intercom, but I don’t remember. @BenLee? :slight_smile:

Honestly, I’ve struggled with this too. I don’t know if we have a standard line break that we are looking to make consistent across all packs since each can take in data differently. It would certainly help though.

With Gmail, there are times where text is passed and times where HTML is passed. Then there are the ways various formulas affect the text you’re passing through. So a couple things for us to check out.

From quick testing I’m showing that using the Concatenate() formula and Character(10) is working and retaining line breaks in the email. If I use [Text 1] + [Text 2] though, it doesn’t keep line breaks.

If you can share more on the formula you’re using, or create a sample doc, we can work on testing out your use-case.

I could check that approach using Concatenate() formula:

I wrapped all my texts from different columns on an extra column Called “Preview” with this formula:

“Hola Juan”,
Character(10), Character(10),
Character(10), Character(10),

And the Gmail Send button grabs Preview text and now it works.

I hope this does not bother you but onyl yesterday I reach your gallery Doc: and I used your solution to sent emails.

Thanks for that, and thanks for this help.

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