Here's a doc size riddle for the community

Here’s another riddle for the community, this time concerning doc size (which I’ve been researching quite heavily lately).

Two identically looking inputs, but in the doc file one is stored plainly as a 123-character string and another as a Ranges object (text with formatting) that takes quite some more space.

Question: what’s the difference, and what trick am I suggesting here? :slight_smile:


Did you applied ToText() function to stringify the values in the column Display Value and hence save some space by stripping all these type & format data ?

Correct :slightly_smiling_face:

Another way to achieve this is to add + "". But .ToText() works just fine.

The original string was created with the use of .Format(). I haven’t yet checked whether this function always returns a rich format text value, or that depends on the parameters (e.g. in my case I forgot to convert dates to text)