Nth() as text in doc has odd line spacing


I am using a List of names, that range from 1 to 4 in count. For each name I create a heading (text bold, not H1 type). The odd thing is that when I use nth(n) the correct names shows but has a larghe line padding on it so the previuous text (typed not field) and any subsequent text is all out of whack. If I dont use nth(), and therfore the whole list shows, it is fine.

I can convert nth(n).ToText() and that resolves but loses the formatting I have on the text in the list.

Anyone else got this?

Screenshot 2022-11-18 at 09.59.16

Hi @Francis_Hampden :blush: !

I didn’t run into this (AFAIK) :thinking: and without having more info I’m not sure I could reproduce this …

If you can, could you share the formula you’re using ?
(So we could see what’s going on in there :blush: )

As for this :

Instead of ToText() maybe you could use Concatenate() instead…
ToText() returns a simple text value (a simple string) whereas Concatenate() returns the rich text value (formatting and so on)

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Thanks for replying and happy to share.

Here is the code - If list is less than n it will output “-”, otherwise it uses nth(n) as output. This is where the odd line spacing is happening.

If(concert_1_Ref.[List of Artists].Count()<1,"-",concert_1_Ref.[List of Artists].[Artist/Ensemble Title].Nth(1))

concert_1_Ref is reference to a row on a table calculated by -

[GPCS Dates].Filter([Concert Date].Year()=yearBeingPlanned).sort().Nth(1)

I’ve tried concatonate() and doesnt change issue. The only I can find to get rid of the problem is by converting to text. As said earlier the odd thing is if I don’t use nth() and just show the whole list, it displays correctly. V odd.

Hmmm :thinking:

Do you get a different result if you use First() instead of Nth(1) in your If() ?

The only other thing I can think of would be a potential issue of “list of lists” somewhere which you might solve with a ListCombine():woman_shrugging: ?

Genius Pch. ListCombine() did the trick. Thank you v much.

No problem @Francis_Hampden :wink: !
Glad to know you were able to solve your issue :raised_hands: !

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