Number Bug in formula

I have the following formula however the space is ignored

[State]+If(IsBlank([Post Code]),""," "+[Post Code]

Even though the column type for Post Code is text, if I enter a numeric value e.g. 1234 there is no space

The result I end up with is QLD1234 instead of the expected QLD 1234

Hi @Kent_Watson :slightly_smiling_face: ! Welcome :grin: !

Could you try this :slightly_smiling_face: :

Concatenate([State],If(IsNotBlank([Post Code]),Concatenate(" ",[Post Code]),""))

thanks @Pch
I found another issue where I wanted to LeftPad a number with zeros e.g. 000001, basically the full result I was looking for was ABC-19-000001. but my code would always remove the preceding zeros. I ended up using a different character and doing a regex replace but I might try with the concatenate because that is supposed to be text then right?

Yep just tried the concatenate and it worked as I expected. Thanks.